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Lenco Diverso-700GY tested ‘topclass’ by Tablet und Smartphone magazine

16 December 2016

Our new Lenco Diverso has been tested by the German magazine Tablet und Smartphone. Below is a translated version of the review, by Thomas Johannsen.

How comfortable and pleasant is it to use your tablet in the kitchen? Configure the Diverso-700GY to your own preferences so you can read your recipes quick and easily hands free. A nice background music on your Diverso makes cooking even more enjoyable. The dashboard is very user-friendly and easy to operate with the default interface. Hooked on Android? You can also use the classic Android-dashboard. The Mediacenter Diverso-700GY is a very compact and well-equipped 7-inch tablet with dual speakers on the side. With a beautifully designed and shock-resistant housing the Diverso fits comfortably in your hand.



The system works great on the Android 5.1 version, which is not directly visible because the start menu is displayed in a simple interface. Only the most important functions can be controlled with large and clearly visible buttons; this also includes the internet browser and the option to play music and videos. The dashboard is customizable so you can choose your own favourites. The middle of the screen shows a convenient and clear digital clock and the Diverso features an excellent alarm. Thanks to a good battery which lasts, according to the test, at least 6.5 hour, you don’t have to worry that it fails prematurely. The battery is 1600 mAh and thus not oversized, which gives the Diverso a nice compact design.

The Diverso is also easy to use in the garden. As long as you’re within the range of a wireless network, you can use internet or enjoy the radio. The Diverso has a high quality front-facing camera and is therefore perfectly suitable for Skyping, without having to hold a tablet or smartphone in your hand. Is the screen to small for you, or would you rather watch your videos and photos on a larger screen? No problem! The Diverso features a proper HDMI-port and audio-output, so you can easily stream your Diverso on a larger screen.



The Diverso is a real all-round tablet with a excellent sound and the ability to stream your videos and photos on a larger screen. The Android operating system is, as usual, very user-friendly and convenient for everyone. Price to quality ratio: 1.1 very good.     

  • Excellent sound
  • All-round tablet