About Lenco

Lenco has been synonymous for Swiss quality in the area of hi-fi and consumer electronics for almost 70 years. Headquartered in Nuth, the Netherlands, with offices throughout Europe and worldwide. Lenco produces and distributes a complete range of consumer electronics products, from turntables, hi-fi multi-room wireless speakers to tablets, and sport cameras. A respected brand in all the countries in which it operates, Lenco creates quality products that combine innovative design with user comfort and attractive price performance ratio.


Lenco thinks that it, as consumer electronics manufacturer, plays a significant role in the field of sustainability and the social relevance of its actions. Because of that, Lenco always tries to use environmental friendly components in its products and it also takes recyclability at the end of a product’s life into account. Lenco applies ‘Eco Design’ to many products, which means that batteries for example, after completion of the service life can be removed separately from the product and disposed of responsibly. But also by striving to install technologies that make it possible to minimize energy consumption in both standby as well as operation mode.

In addition, factories, without exceptions, are regularly being visited by Lenco inspectors. During these inspections explicit detail is given to the working conditions at that location, but also to the local employee’s applicable social working conditions and safety concerns. Lenco unreservedly distances itself from any form of child labor; Child labor is not tolerated by Lenco.

Brand Values

At Lenco we believe that all people should be respected and appreciated. We create an atmosphere of openness and honesty, using fairness as our guide, staying loyal to our colleagues and our company.

Empower yourself and others by being proactive and giving others the responsibility for decisions that affect their work. Bold decisions and initiative are encouraged, and mistakes should be seen as opportunities to learn. All employees should have every opportunity to reach their full potential, as individuals as well as valued members of our team.

Life should be satisfying for everyone; from employees to business partners and customers, and we work to keep our promises in opening eyes and ears of all involved, serving all our customers with an open mind and without prejudice.

The standard for our performance. Always striving for the highest levels within your ability and sharing our best practices to enhance the quality of our services to exceed the expectations of external partners and our customers.

At Lenco we strive to distinguish our products through creativity and passion, by innovating and delivering the highest quality products possible. Rethinking our future and reinventing ourselves but also our products every single day.

The cornerstone of our continued success, adaptability is essential to meet the changing needs of customers, and to navigate the unpredictable market economies we operate in. Above all, we stay close to the situation, keeping track of changing needs and new technologies, so we can better serve our customers as a dynamic thriving company.


Following the brand values (see separate tab for all information on the left) Lenco is constantly working on innovative applications in its product development. Examples include the introduction of 3D sound in some of its products. This Swiss technology makes it possible to have a complete 3D sound experience in an entire room, without the existence of a ‘blind spot’. The technique is based on so-called wavefield synthesis, a spatial audio-rendering technique, which creates virtual acoustic environments. In addition, Lenco has started the development, production and sales of a product line based on the Android operating system, such as Tablets and an Android Speaker which can wirelessly play music that is being streamed from Android devices via air play.

Other innovations are made in the area of iPhone and iPad docking, such as an iPad Speaker and an iPad docking system that can be mounted on a wall and creates many new uses because of that.


Thanks to the fact that Lenco designs its own products (both in terms of design as well as built-in-technology) and produces them under its own direction, it has all product knowledge in-house. As a result, it’s possible to take a product’s desired quality into account, in design, but also in production and product support to consumers (before as well as after purchase).

Lenco has its own quality service that continuously guides the design and production process. In addition, products that are ready for production but haven’t entered the market yet, will be thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet the requirements and standards that Lenco thinks is so natural for its end users. During production products are also regularly, randomly, taken from storage to test them against the quality requirements. And if needed, processes will be improved.

Lenco pays much attention to the quality in aftercare as well. Lenco has years of spare parts available for replacement or repairs of its products. As a result, consumers can enjoy their product longer.


Lenco’s head office is located in Nuth. The company also has its own sales organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Hong Kong (focused on global export).

Lenco’s product development and product design departments are also located in Hong Kong. Lenco develops and manufactures both its own products as well as models for other consumer electronics brands (so-called OEM products) in Hong Kong.

Lenco products are sold throughout the world, in countries where no sales organization is established, this is done by local distributors. The number of countries in which Lenco is represented is still growing.

The company is represented with a stand on all major international electronics fairs: the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show (both in spring and autumn), the IFA in Berlin (yearly in September) and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA. In addition, Lenco also participates in all major fairs in countries where Lenco offers its products to the market.


Lenco sees sponsorship as a means to build a lasting relationship with local, national and international communities and to carry out our social commitment.

Lenco has determined a number of criteria for requests for sponsoring:

– Lenco does not sponsor organizations or events that are related to alcohol, drugs or tobacco.
– Lenco does not sponsor organizations that discriminate on grounds of religious belief, sexual orientation, gender or political affiliation.
– Lenco does not sponsor politically oriented organizations or events.
– Lenco does not sponsor organizations that are closely linked to religion or intend to convey their religious beliefs.
– Lenco does not sponsor dangerous sports.
– Lenco does not sponsor individual students, student gatherings of student travel.

Lenco aims to respond to sponsorship requests by e-mail within three weeks. When Lenco makes a decision on whether to sponsor an organization or event, you can not correspond about this decision with Lenco. Sponsorship requests can be sent here.

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