Warranty Conditions

The warranty period starts with the day of purchase of the product. Keep your proof of purchase. A warranty repair cannot be performed if the original proof of purchase is not present. For warranty claims, and also discussing possible complaints, you as the buyer must contact the (web) store where the device was purchased.

If your device is covered by our warranty conditions, we will determine whether your device will be repaired or replaced. Consumables (components that can be expected to be replaced during the lifetime of the product) are not covered by the warranty. This applies to batteries, antennas, remote controls, cables, buttons, battery compartment covers and other such accessories.

If the defect during repair was determined to be due to improper use and therefore is not covered by the warranty, we reserve the right to charge you with the repair and material costs. In such case, the retailer will contact you first, so you can decide on the matter.

Make sure that your device is as far as possible packaged in the original packaging materials. Use a good and solid replacement packaging if this is not possible. The transport risk lies with you. Please send no additional items along, such as DVDs, USB sticks, or similar. In case of loss we take no responsibility for these items. Damage caused by external influences, negligence, improper use, modifications, extensions, professional use, insertion of foreign objects, etc. is not covered by the warranty. At all times the decision of a warranty case is with us.

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