Whether you are a movie buff or a sports enthusiast, there is a Lenco TV to suit your needs. Lenco's televisions combine high quality with ease of use, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new TV.

      With 4K resolution

      Televisions from Lenco

      Choosing a new TV is very difficult, because what should you pay attention to and what is the difference between all the types of TVs you can choose from? At Lenco we offer the following types of TVs:

        • LED-TV

          Actually, an LED TV is just a variant of an LCD TV with backlight. By using this technology, the television is very energy efficient. The advantages that an LED TV has compared to an LCD or plasma are that the LED variant is by far the most energy efficient, displays beautiful colors and has the thinnest possible screen. We offer this TV with or without a built-in DVD player. 
        • Portable LCD-TV

          Want to watch television anytime, anywhere? This is possible with Lenco's portable televisions. Ideal for on holiday, in the caravan or in the car. A compact and light TV that makes it possible to watch television in almost all of Europe.


      Which TV you should buy depends somewhat on the wishes and requirements it must meet. The viewing distance from the TV to the couch plays an important role in the size of the TV. If you sit far from the TV, it is best to go one size larger. However, if you spend a short time on the TV, smaller screen sizes will be sufficient for you. At Lenco you can buy an LED TV from 16" to 55", and you can also choose one HD LED-TV, Full HD LED-TV of een 4K LED-TV.  Click here for all Lenco TVs.

      Buy television?

      Are you convinced and would you like an LED TV from Lenco? Then don't hesitate any longer, order now before 8:00 PM and enjoy your beautiful TV tomorrow. From €30,- you will receive your order at home for free. All our products come with a 2-year warranty and if you are not satisfied, you can return your order within 30 days.