These warranty provisions apply to the consumer.
The warranty period starts on the day of purchase of the product. The warranty period is 24 months. The warranty period will not be extended by warranty work and replacement deliveries within the framework of the warranty. Keep your proof of purchase in a safe place. Repair or replacement within the warranty is only valid with the original proof of purchase. As a buyer, you must deal with the warranty and/or any complaints with the (web)store where the device was purchased..


Excluded from warranty
No warranty applies for

  1. damage by external influences;
  2. careless damage;
  3. improper or incorrect use, as well as incorrect operation or loading, including but not limited to the use of leaking and / or incorrectly installed batteries and/or the use of non-original parts;
  4. incorrect set-up or installation, for example due to failure to observe the applicable safety regulations and / or the instructions in the user, installation and / or assembly manual (s);
  5. changes, additions and/or extensions to the device;
  6. professional use;
  7. Lenco products ordered outside the Lenco webshop. You need to return to the store or webshop where you purchased the relevant Lenco product. 
  8. repairs and/or modifications made by persons or organizations other than Lenco.

At all times, the decision-making about the application of the guarantee is informed by Lenco.

Do you have a defective product that was purchased from Lenco in the webshop and that is covered by the warranty? Than you can contact  our customer service.

In these warranty conditions the following definitions apply:

Consumer: the natural person who does not act in the exercise of a profession or business and who enters into a distance contract with Lenco;

Lenco: Lenco Benelux B.V. located in Nuth.


Content and scope
If there are defects within the warranty period, Lenco will determine whether your device will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Replacement parts or devices become the property of Lenco. Consumables (components that may be expected to require replacement during the life of the product) and accessories are NOT covered by the warranty. Think of batteries, antennas, remote controls, cables, buttons, battery covers and other such accessories.

If during investigation and/or repair it is found that the defect has been caused by improper use of the device, there is no warranty and we reserve the right to invoice you for the repair costs and material costs. We will then contact you in advance so that you can decide for yourself.

Make sure you put the device in the original packaging. If this is not possible, make sure you have a good and reliable replacement packaging. The warranty will expire if the device is transported without suitable packaging. The transport risk is for the customer. Do not send extra items, such as DVDs, USB sticks, or the like. Unfortunately, when these extra items are (unintentionally) lost, we cannot take responsibility for this.


Counterfeit products
When you buy our products directly from Lenco or from an authorized Lenco dealer, you can be sure that you have a genuine Lenco product. Lenco's limited warranty only applies to these genuine Lenco products purchased from Lenco or an authorized Lenco dealer.

When you buy our products from an unauthorized Lenco dealer, the product is only covered by Lenco's warranty if the unauthorized dealer can demonstrate with a detailed invoice and proof of payment that the product was actually purchased from Lenco or an authorized Lenco dealer. 

Lenco does not give a warranty on counterfeit products. If you attempt to resell such products, you may be held legally liable and/or be prosecuted.