TV and Video


      TV & Video from Lenco

      Whether you are looking for a brand new television for your living room or in your caravan, a portable DVD player for on the road, or a projector for the ultimate home cinema experience, at Lenco we have it all. We have a practical solution for every situation, so you will never be without a TV.

      Affordable TVs and projectors

      In the world of modern televisions Lenco is known for combining quality with affordability. We do this without compromising on features such as Smart TV and image quality. Do you want to take it a bit bigger? Then we also have a collection projectors. Our projectors also offer an excellent viewing experience for an affordable price. Lenco's projectors are designed to offer both impressive image quality and ease of use. From razor-sharp HD resolutions to vibrant color reproductions, every Lenco projector provides an unforgettable viewing experience.

      Buy TV & Video?

      Are you convinced and would you like to buy a TV, projector or portable DVD player from Lenco? Then don't hesitate any longer, order now before 8:00 PM and enjoy your beautiful TV tomorrow. From €30,- you will receive your order at home for free. All our products come with a 2-year warranty and if you are not satisfied, you can return your order within 30 days.